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Reflexology treatments are in Leamington Spa within a 15 mile radius of Warwick, Southam, Coventry and Stratford-upon-Avon.

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing so that you can gain maximum relaxation. It is helpful if you are able to roll up trousers and sleeves to the knee and elbow. I will place a blanket over you for extra warmth.

Initial Session (90 minutes): we will begin by completing a comprehensive medical and lifestyle questionnaire, and discuss what you want reflexology to help with. You will then be able to relax and have a full investigatory treatment which, along with the findings for your consultation, will enable me to build a personal treatment plan for you.

Subsequent Sessions (up to 60 minutes): we will begin with a short discussion about your progress since your last visit, as well as additional feedback you may have. I will then adapt my treatment plan as necessary. I may deliver your treatment on the feet, hands or ears, or a combination of each, as I work synergistically to give the most effective treatment for your presenting condition/s. I will also offer aftercare advice and show you how to maximise your treatment by working the reflexes on your hands at home.

Reflexology involves a degree of pressure and most clients are able to accept this without problems. However, as a Reflexologist trained in techniques on feet, hands and ears, I can adapt my treatment depending on your needs, for example treating hands or ears in the case of 'tickly' feet. I often give 'homework' to my clients, typically with techniques they can use on their own hand reflexes, to support themselves between treatments.

Reflexology is suitable from birth to old age, however there are some contra-indications e.g. open wounds, contagious diseases or infections, nerve damage to the feet, fractures of the feet etc.

​NEPIP (Neuro-Endo-Psycho-Immuno-Pody): treatments are typically shorter at 45 minutes. This is an amazing and relatively new reflexology technique which is very effective for stress management. Our bodies and minds are inextricably linked: NEPIP focuses on the nervous, endocrine and immune systems of the body and how the psychology of the mind adversely affects health and resistance to disease.

How will reflexology sessions make me feel?

Each person can react differently. Some clients feel relaxed and calm following reflexology; others feel invigorated and energised. Many clients have reported symptoms such as a runny nose, increased urination or increased bowel movements. This is a good indication that the treatment is working well and that toxins are moving out of the body. Possible after-effects of reflexology include feeling nauseous, tired or emotional for a couple of days after treatment. Any side effects that you may feel from Reflexology are all beneficial as it’s your body’s way of healing itself following a treatment. We all react differently to the release of a high level of tension in our bodies.

How many treatments should I have?

Initially two treatments in close succession are often recommended. Depending on a client’s health concerns, it can take several treatments to make progress and results may only be achieved by this momentum. However, in some circumstances, reflexology can provide relief very quickly and therefore a course of treatments may not be required. We can discuss weekly, monthly, bi-monthly… depending on your needs and budget.

So, whilst I’m happy to sell a course of treatments as gift vouchers for your friends, colleagues and loved ones (reflexology does make a gorgeous gift), I would rather we assessed your treatments as we go. Meaning you do not pay for anything you do not need or want.

That said, if you can afford it, I consider a Reflexology session to be an M.O.T for the whole body through the feet, and believe in regular treatments (monthly, bi-monthly). This approach helps to keep the body on an even keel through it's relaxing and calming effects, and therefore can support our well-being and everyday health niggles that we experience in our busy lives.

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