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Complementary therapies treat the whole person...

… by assisting the body's natural ability to balance, regulate, heal and maintain itself, not just the symptom or disease

Reflexologist in Leamington Spa / Warwick / Coventry area

As a complementary therapy, alongside conventional medical care, reflexology can be used to maintain good health and bring relief to a range of both acute and chronic conditions, including end of life care. I create an individual treatment plan for each client, based on their presenting condition(s).

As a Reflexologist, I'm passionate about the benefits that reflexology can bring to people of all ages: release of tension, stress & anxiety, deep relaxation, improved physical & mental well-being, pain relief. This is especially relevant due to the issues that have arisen during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Reflexology is a type of therapy that uses gentle pressure on specific points along your feet (or hands / ears). Reflexology connects spots on the outside of your body to the inside and is a bit like acupuncture and acupressure, however those therapies use points all over your body, not just on feet, hands, and ears. Whilst a Reflexologist does use their hands, it isn’t a form of massage. Physical touch is important and among our most basic of human needs: our bodies release oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin (the “feel good” chemicals); and cortisol, the stress hormone, is inhibited. Benefits of touch include lowered stress, pain and inflammation.

Reflexology is complementary to medical treatments. It can be done alongside traditional care, but it’s not an alternative to it, and Reflexologist's do not diagnose or treat specific illnesses. Some people with medical conditions find that they feel less pain and discomfort if they have less stress, and reflexology may help with that.

We are living in a world with an increasing ageing population. Whilst that is positive, in that we are living longer, we are not necessarily increasing the healthy years of our lives. As a Reflexologist I am able to support clients to help them improve the quality of their life, for as long as possible.

Reflexology for Stress and Well-being

Due to our complex and hectic world, we are seeing a rising tide of stress and sleeplessness which can impact on our health in the longer term. Reflexology works in harmony with the body without side effects to aid sleep and energy levels, and enables a sense of well-being and emotional support. Researchers reviewed 17 studies of the psychological benefits of the therapy and found that it boosted feelings of well-being and made it easier for people to manage their conditions.

Reflexology is a wonderful way to maintain balance and therefore regular treatments may be desired – weekly, monthly, bi-monthly… Depending on a client’s health condition(s), it can take several treatments to make progress and results may only be achieved by this momentum. However, in some circumstances, reflexology can provide relief very quickly and therefore a course of treatments may not be required.

A reflexology session can be an M.O.T for the whole body through the feet, and I believe in regular treatments (monthly, bi-monthly). This approach helps to keep the body on an even keel through it's relaxing and calming effects, and therefore can support our well-being, stress levels and everyday health niggles that we experience in our busy lives.

If you have a health cash plan you may be able to reclaim all or part of your reflexology treatment cost.

I am a Reflexologist based in Leamington Spa, easily accessible from Warwick, Coventry and surrounding villages. From New Year I will be offering treatments at a venue in Leamington Spa town centre.
An initial reflexology treatment is the starting point, so please contact me to discuss how I can help you.

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